Setting Up the Development Environment

The first thing is to install is Node.js ( ) in react we are not going to use node, we’re only going to use one of it’s built in tools, node package manager, or npm to install third party libraries.

After downloading run the below commands in the terminal.

npm i -g create-react-app@(current version)

How To Create Your First React App

Run the below commands in the terminal to create a new react app

npx create-react-app my-app
cd my-app
npm start

This will launch our development server on port 3000.

Creating a Toolchain from Scratch

A JavaScript build toolchain typically consists of :

  • A package manager, such as Yarn or npm. It lets you take advantage of a vast ecosystem of third-party packages, and easily install or update them.
  • A bundler, such as webpack or Parcel. It lets you write modular code and bundle it together into small packages to optimize load time.
  • A compiler such as Babel. It lets you write modern JavaScript code that still works in older browsers.